Comprehensive solutions for developers


We have been implementing complex projects for developers for more than 10 years. We carry out a full cycle of work to connect houses under construction to external communication channels, our own wired radio broadcasting network and to RASC (Regional Automated Central Warning System).

We build internal networks, provide the building with everything necessary for the state. systems acceptance (telephony, TV signal, civil defense and emergency situations), we help with paperwork, we carry out further technical support. telecom infrastructure maintenance.

The project for creating a telecom infrastructure for the building includes:

Analysis of the client’s business needs, features of the facility being built and drawing up an individual proposal;

Design and construction of telephone sewer sections and fiber-optic networks, cable entry into the building;

Design and construction of indoor SCS;

Organization of a communication center inside the building, installation of telecommunications equipment;

Development and implementation of related systems (radio, civil defense and emergency warning, dispatch, intercom);

Carrying out all necessary approvals with government authorities, preparing documents for putting the facility into operation;

Providing subscribers with telephone services, Internet access, digital television, and additional intelligent services;

Maintenance of telecommunications infrastructure;

Prompt technical support for subscribers.

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