OBIT uses its accumulated experience in the design and construction of video surveillance systems for objects of any scale. From small office systems to complex systems for hotels, residential buildings, large business facilities.

In the process of implementing your tasks, the best technical solution will be selected to ensure security and optimize your business.

Installing a video surveillance system will allow to:

Organize a review of the premises, internal territory and entrances;

Control the movement of personnel and the quality of work of employees;

Provide identification of identity and vehicle license plates;

Restore and save the history of events at the site.

You can observe what is happening in real time or in recording, from the next room or at a distance of thousands of kilometers from the object. Cameras can work independently or as part of a comprehensive security system - it all depends on your goals and the specifics of your business.

When choosing the optimal surveillance system, the following factors are taken into account:

Specifics of the video surveillance object;

Requirements for system scaling for the next 5 years;

The need to control the camera viewing area;

Required picture resolution;

Lighting conditions in the camera installation area;

The need to transmit a video signal via the Internet (remote viewing).

The implemented video surveillance systems allow to:
  • React to motion detection in the camera;
  • Record around the clock or when motion is detected in the frame;
  • Broadcast the video signal to certain accredited devices on the Internet;
  • Use both low-cost cameras and professional ultra-high-resolution cameras.

The integrated approach implemented by OBIT allows you to take into account all the client’s requirements, select the optimal functionality and set of equipment for the video surveillance system.

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