IT support

We will provide IT support for all your company's computer and network equipment

We will solve all problems related to information technology support: from refilling cartridges to administering servers.

Concentrate on business development, and OBIT specialists will take care of the performance of your IT infrastructure.

Our advantages in IT outsourcing:
  • more than 200 certified specialists on staff;
  • the ability to use not one or two specialists, but a whole team of professionals specializing in different fields. A team approach reduces incident resolution time and helps prevent future incidents;
  • instant response to your request. 98% of requests are resolved online;
  • remote support using an encrypted communication channel;
  • prompt visit of a specialized specialist if it is impossible to solve the problem remotely;
  • electronic registration and recording of all requests, detailed statistics;
  • optimization of IT costs in your company.

Advantages of IT support compared to in-house staff

IT support OBIT Full-time system administrator
Cost Low
Fixed cost according to the contract.
Salary, taxes, workplace maintenance, vacation pay, bonuses and overtime.
Confidentiality High
The degree of confidentiality is described in the contract, the Customer receives a mechanism for controlling OBIT access to certain data.
Responsibility within the framework of labor relations, there are no special technical means of employee control.
Efficiency High
The company's motivation is based on prompt solution of problems, employees are interchangeable.
An employee may be sick or absent just when he is needed.
Competencies Vast
More than 200 certified specialists who quickly solve any problems.
One employee cannot know everything.
Control Strong
Automatic accounting of all assigned and completed tasks at the end of the month.
It is very difficult for a manager to control an employee's work.

We offer a full range of IT support services

Technical support for workstations (PC, printer/MFP, telephone):
  • ensuring the operability of the hardware, replacing components; installation, configuration and updating of operating systems;
  • anti-virus protection (with or without a dedicated server);
  • setting up network connections (for local network and Internet access);
  • setting up IP phones, softphones;
  • installation and configuration of office software for working with texts, spreadsheets, e-mail, Internet, multimedia, instant messaging, necessary for the daily work of staff;
  • installation and configuration of peripheral equipment: printers, MFPs, scanners, etc.;
  • replacing cartridges, repairing printers/MFPs.
Administration of a company's computer network:

Setting up network connections on computers;

Iinstallation and configuration of active network equipment;

Construction and maintenance of office WiFi networks;

System administration of servers (Windows and UNIX families):
  • installation, configuration and administration of various server services (e-mail, directory services, file shares, database servers, name servers, proxy servers, firewalls);
  • organization of fault tolerance of critical systems;
  • organizing data backup;
  • monitoring of system/server parameters;
  • placement of servers in the «OBIT» data center.
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