WiFi Networks

We build public and service WiFi networks

Public points of free Internet access are organized by restaurants and cafes, shopping and business centers, cinemas, hotels, banks, museums – all public spaces that require a flow of visitors.

Service WiFi networks are needed to organize a wireless office and mobile work of your own employees. If a company needs WiFi Internet access both for visitors and for internal needs, subsequently, it is better to make 2 separate networks to protect corporate data

We will undertake all work on the construction and maintenance of a public or business WiFi network:

We will conduct a preliminary audit of the premises;

We will develop a project for the construction of cable routes and calculate the required number of WiFi routers for normal coverage of the premises;

We will lay cables in the room, install and put together all equipment;

We will connect a user authorization system of our own design, which identifies users by call or SMS;

We integrate marketing tools: an interactive start page, functionality for geotargeting, SMM and target audience research, placement of affiliate advertising;

We will provide technical support: network monitoring, telephone consultations, free visits from OBIT specialists in case of problems, troubleshooting, equipment replacement, expanding communication channels or scaling equipment if necessary

You will receive a WiFi network that promotes business development, is reliable and convenient for you. The service can only be provided with an Internet connection from the OBIT company.